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 Surgical Travel 

Why mHealth-MD

Seasonal Disease:

On an average 3-4 times in a year an adult & a child are infected by seasonal diseases (virus/flu, cold, allergies etc.).

  • An average time to get appointment can be 3-5 days along.
  • Cost can be substantial based on in/ out of network of PCP or on an average $700 to visit ER.

Critical Disease:

73% of critical disease (cardiac, cancer etc.) are misdiagnosed.

Our Solution:

Individual / Family:

  • Using Smart phones & PC/ Tablet you can connect with myPersonalDoc's network of doctors & specialist.
  • Access to US & global board certified doctors who are handpicked and highly specialized in their fields with an average of 5 - 20 yrs of experience.
  • 24x7 service i.e. availability of providers.
  • Pre-negotiated discounted fees from world class specialists.
  • Follow-up process.
  • Overall synthesizing network of doctors and technology to create a high quality of member experience.


  • All of the above from individual plan.
  • Superior ROI for Self Funded Employers & Benefit Administrators.
  • Access care from anywhere in the world for busy executives who are travelling.
  • Improve Wellness Program.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Provide Superior care.

For Whom?

  • Individuals & Family: Who need access to mHealth-MD for quick response and peace of mind available 24x7.
  • Group / Companies: Employees who have busy travel schedule and employers can buy pre-paid credits for their employees.


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