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Why mSpecialist

It's Carol's 40th birthday and time for her annual checkup. She sets up an appointment including mammogram. After undergoing the checkup she receives a dreaded phone call: the diagnosis is breast cancer.After further testing and sleepless nights the initial diagnoses proves to be inaccurate. Carol was misdiagnosed – she does not have cancer at all.

Misdiagnosis can happen at various levels:


Level 1 - Doctor Failure to diagnose a medical condition based on  lack of: Experience, Training/Best practices and Ethics. 
Level 2 - Radiologist A 1994 study at Yale University school of medicine retrospectively reviewed mammograms originally interpreted as  normal by experienced radiologists and found  15-63% breast cancers were overlooked at initial reading.
Level 3 - Clinical / Pathologist

A study of autopsies published in the Mayo Clinic proceedings comparing clinical diagnoses with postmortem diagnoses, for medical intensive care unit patients, revealed in 26 percent of cases, a diagnosis was missed clinically.

Multiple autopsy studies that have uncovered frequent clinical errors and misdiagnoses, with some rates as high as 47%.

Level 4 - Overall system and its value chain

Eg. lack of coordination & communication between PCP and Specialist .

Too much wait time for a specialist appointment / Delayed diagnosis.

The richest and most advanced country in the world “America” – where one-seventh of the economy is devoted to healthcare and yet misdiagnosis kills thousands of Americans every year….Imagine rest of the world?

An error in diagnosis can cause a cascade of negative events to occur, affecting the individual patient and their families as well as the healthcare system and our society as a whole.

Our Solution:

myPersonalDoc provides patients & their families with answers to their medical questions, new treatment options and often peace of mind by handpicking best of the breed who are considered experts in their fields and has partnered with specialist & hospitals that are center of excellence globally. Online Specialty Consultations has made it easier for patients and their physicians to access world-renowned specialists without the need for travel. In the time it would take you to travel for an in-person appointment with a specialist and receive their recommendationsyour remote consultation could already be completed. Our service allows you to remain in your local community,among familiar faces and surroundings, while still getting an expert to review your pertinent medical information in detail.

For Whom?

  • Individuals - who need second opinion or specialist.
  • Companies: whose employees have busy schedule/travel, employers can buy pre-paid credits for their employees.

Here are some examples of how myPersonalDoc mSpecialist - 2nd Opinion consultations may benefit you:

  • Determine the appropriateness of current or recommended therapy or treatment plans
  • Review of alternative therapy and treatment options                                               
  • Medication management recommendations                                               
  • Review of non-surgical interventions                                               
  • Pain management strategies                                               
  • Diagnosis evaluation                                               
  • Avoid unnecessary medical costs and treatments


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